Apostle Joshua Selman Classmates

I once met a man who said Apostle Joshua selman was his classmate. He said they went to the same school together and were in the same class.

When I invited him to koinonia, he said “how can he attend a service that his mate is the pastor”
He said it’s an insult to him. And he kept on repeating the words “Selman weh I know that year.”

Looking at his life, I feel pity for him. He usually drinks himself to stupour almost every day, Hardly goes to his job and is always found hanging out with the street boys even at his age.

He feels that he has always known Apostle Selman and there is nothing he wants to say now that he doesn’t know.He Still feels that they are age mate because they were classmates back then.

I tried convincing him all to no avail.

A lot of times in our lives, we walk about with so much arrogance about who we are and who we are supposed to be.
We think that because we were once in the same class with someone,that automatically means we are mates. We may be age mate but not grace mate. We may be coursemates but we are not mate in the level of our spiritual statue.

We feel too big to stoop low in order to conquer. We get so familiar with the “him” we used to know before and forget the fact that the child you may have known has grown to become a father but because we are still looking at him with the lens of our past, we stumble in our understanding.

His lifestyle had nothing good to write home about yet he was adamant.

That’s the problem with us.We are living a life of frustration yet we argue constantly with those who are producing results.

The person you are looking down on had spent countless sleepless nights awake developing himself while you were snoring.While he was travailing in prayers, you were clubbing with friends, while he was feasting on the word, you were drinking and eating dry meat with friends.

For the fact that you knew his yesterday’s version doesn’t mean that you know his today’s version.

Stephanie Chucks

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