Meet Prophet Kobus And Apostle Joshua Selman

This was one of the men(meaning he has met with some many other men), a God General who Apostle Joshua Selman was opportune to meet with before he went to be with the Lord.

Apostle Joshua Selman would always say; “I AM A PRODUCT OF MANY ANOINTING”.

Apostle Joshua Selman would always talk about his story of how he met with some old women who were begging, and that he wanted buying something from a man, then he met these old women there, and he took his money and bought it for them, then one of the women there said; “you will forever walk on gold”.

He’d also narrate the story of how he went to a program organized by Reinhard Bonnke(one of God’s General) and at then he was desperately seeking for the anointing, then he understood by the word that ” THE LESS IS BLESSED OF THE GREATER”, then he followed to help those under the anointing, and at salvation time, his eyes were opened and he saw the holy spirit as a big white dove flying above the people.

What you carry may not be enough for the journey ahead of you, you will need extra strength, grace and agility in meeting to that point of your fullest manifestation. Sometimes, we need to subscribe to a man’s grace to meet up to our full potential and stature in Christ and in our call in him; this is why the grace that we submit to is very important, and we should be very sensitive as to the grace we submit to whether its God’s permission for you.

At a point in our work with God, we will all need to subscribe to a grace to support us to grow into who we will be tomorrow.

Our tomorrow is truly greater than our today.

Jesus help our wherry souls!


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