Today marks the beginning of unending celebration in your life. The next 20 years of your life you are celebrating, and the next 30 years of your life you are celebrating. So give Him the Glory due to His name. Behind all these happenings is our God. This is not man, this is God at work.
* This Prophetic month will signal the beginning of unending celebration in your life. Somebody believes that, let me hear your loudest Amen.
* It’s our covenant day of favour, it must bring an end to any form of disfavour around anyone’s life and that’s forever.
* On this covenant day of favour, favour will become your new identity!!
* Favour is our escape from a life of struggles. From today, favour will become your new identity.
* Joseph had favour and slavery was converted to royalty. Favour will change your story today.
* Daniel had favour and suddenly he emerged a master; Favour is changing your story today!
* Favour gave us this place (Canaanland, Ota); we didn’t have to beg anybody, I didn’t have to see anybody, we didn’t have to talk to anybody to make it happen. Jesus made it happen in Grand style. The greatest events of your life from Today will be happening by the favour of God. Expect it, Receive it and begin to Manifest it, beginning from now. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.
* Today, Jesus will take a whip and whip out of your life everything buying and selling; whip out of your family everything buying and selling; whip out of the lives of your children everything buying and selling; whip out in the lives of your grandchildren everything buying and selling; whip out of your business everything buying and selling, in the name of Jesus.
* Today, everything that is a concern to you will become history!!
* Fresh oil is coming on you in this service (Ps 92:10)
* Something is turning is somebody’s life here.
* The good news is: God has come to settle your access to your glorious destiny in this prophetic season. NOTHING CAN STOP THE WAY AGAINST YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST !!!
* Your seed is not dead, as you are giving God thanks continually, it will surge again (Job 14:7-9). Your investment of time, energy and resources in promoting the kingdom of God on the earth is not dead but you need to engage with the sacrifice of praise and giving thanks to Him continually and then it will bounce back again to life. Let me hear your loudest Amen.
* It’s time to switch over, your harvest time is here (Matthew 24:35, Psalm 56:10).
* Watch: Fearful favour will begin to attend to many people here, beginning from now. (Psalm 102:13-15). Matthew 6:33 – when you get things added without asking for it, we call it favour. Psalm 34:10, today marks the end of your lack of any good thing!!! IT’S YOUR TURN!!!
* Luke 2:49, 52; Heb 12:2. You can’t be about your Father’s business and run out of favour. No one ever runs out of favour running after God and the interest of His kingdom. Favour here includes marital settlement, supernatural promotion, supernatural fruitfulness, open doors of all kinds. That is what favour signals. “He that findeth a wife, findeth a husband; findeth a good thing, and obtains favour from God (Prov 18:22).” “Mary, you are highly favoured, the impossible will happen: you will bring forth a son (Luke 1:30, 28)” . “Oh Lord, by your favour, you have made me to stand out among my peers”. Favour opens supernatural doors to people. All these will start manifesting in your life from now. As we praise Him today, expect Him to decorate you with His favour.
* You will please God in your dance today (Mark 6:21-23). Somebody is going from here decorated today. Don’t dance to please your neighbour, dance to please your Father. Esther 5:2-3. High Praises will provoke High Favour. Somebody is running into High Favour today. You know there is fever and there is high fever. When anybody suffers high fever, it’s a dangerous point, at times they will start thinking the other way, the system will scatter. That is what is called high fever, not this malaria (you won’t see it).
* High Praise will always provoke High Favour. How many wants to run into high favour realm today? You are getting there. Somebody’s miracle job is arriving now. Somebody’s business breakthrough is arriving now. Somebody’s total health is being restored now. Whatever God can do, praise can make happen. So, as you praise Him, whatever God can do that is hanging around your life, that is posing like an impossible situation, will be scattered this morning.
* Many people called barren, will become fruitful now.
* Everybody set for the favour of Marital Settlement, you receive it now!!!
* Everyone set for favour for business and career breakthrough, it will happen now!!!
* Everyone that must return with their miracle job package, you will get it now!!!
* There shall be instant healings and deliverances; instant testimonies of all kinds. Growths will disappear from individuals’ bodies today. Terminal diseases shall be terminated here before the eyes of all. In the name of Jesus.
* Your praise has ascended to God and everything buying and selling in your life is flushed out today!!!
* Every agent of the devil feasting on your destiny, they are out of your life today.
* Every Prison door that has shut you in, they are all opened to you today!!!
* Every chain on your hands and on your feet; they’re finally loosed today!!!
* No sickness that came with you to this service will return back home with you.
* The 2019 personalized prophetic declaration, the prophetic statements that applies to you is ordained for delivery this year.
So what will you do? “Because the Lord will save me, I will sing my song”: put it down, and dance round it; pick it up and begin to declare those issues that pertain to you, that are yet to be delivered. Don’t toil with this. Every prophetic word for this commission answers every year: this one must answer in your life.
How many of you saw the miracle of planting 5,000 churches? How many of you saw it? 5,000 churches planted within 5 months. We’ve never seen it, never once in this Commission: because God said it and we believed Him, it came to pass. Whatever you believe from this prophetic declaration will be fully delivered in your life. So we sing prophecies into fulfillment. Whatever pertains to you that is yet to manifest, will be made fully manifest before Shiloh and it is happening this month!!!
* I said “Your own is happening this month”!!!
* Make sure you congratulate 1,2,3 people on behalf of Jesus, for His mighty acts in this church, for the past 20 years in Canaan and 30 years in Lagos. You want to also thank God for the life of your prophet – you can do that, congratulate them on behalf of your prophet, for God’s grace, bouncing all through over the years.
* Everybody is leaving this service beaming with laughter, beaming with light. It’s a dawning of a New Day.

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